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Scott Provenzano

I'm a:

  • Technology Enthusiast

  • Media & Entertainment Fanatic

  • Passionate Public Speaker

I love exploring the world of technology and all things media. The intersection of these industries fascinates me, as I continually strive to share and learn knowledge in our dynamic world.

When I'm not being a techie, you can find me doing something active or cooking up a meal with friends.

Let’s get in touch! I'm always down to make new friends, explore career opportunities, and learn about other people's perspectives.

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Deloitte Consulting

Business Technology Analyst

  • Identified pain points and enhancement opportunities in order to document requirements in the form of user stories and build out future state process flows

  • Performed scope identification and conducted client interviews to create process flows of current state systems and finalize product scope

  • Collaborated with India-based team to conduct complexity analysis, prioritization, and categorization of legacy code modules to create a program inventory

Apple 

AppleCare iOS Advisor

  • Provided world-class technical support for Apple’s products and accessories, from software to hardware, across iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, and iTunes

  • Evaluated and resolved over 2,000 technical issues while de-escalating heightened situations, promoting customer loyalty, and educating customers

  • Trained newly hired Advisors on best practices for exhibiting empathy with customers, providing outstanding support, and executing effective troubleshooting

  • Interfaced with prospective candidates at Apple recruiting events to identify the top talent for employment


Tablet & Smart Devices Go-To-Market Sales Intern

  • Strategized and supported the launch of an emerging augmented reality product in partnership with Disney & Star Wars

  • Managed the Tablet & Smart Device portfolio through Amazon and Walmart databases to provide weekly sell-through, competitive analysis, and recommendation reports

  • Analyzed sell through trends and competitive activity on the Amazon Prime Day promotion to provide recommendations which resulted in a 680% lift in sales week over week

  • Presented emerging product portfolio PowerPoints to conferences of 25+ customers

Motorola Mobility 

Go-To-Market Product Management Intern

  • Liaised between over 5 international departments to reinvent the approval process of change requests for global product launches

  • Amended and implemented product development processes to shorten a work flow by 67%+

Discover Financial

Acquisition Marketing Intern

  • Increased cardmember conversion rates from secured to unsecured credit cards through credit educational placements

  • Enhanced the Discover experience through innovating text used to resolve cardmember complaints

Sea Lion Aquatic Park

Head Guard

  • Utilized leadership, commitment, and enthusiasm as head guard of the facility by managing over 130 employees

  • Interacted with patrons to provide customer service assistance and resolve conflicts

Shirley Hamilton, Inc.

Actor & Model

  • Negotated performance contract deals with Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Gatorade, etc. to create effective visual branding

  • Applied communication skills and outgoing personality to book various auditions with Kohl’s, Groupon, Meijer, etc.

University of Illinois Housing

Resident Advisor

  • Developed and maintained a positive and inclusive community environment for over 55 residents

  • Planned and implemented monthly programs to promote the learning and academic success of students


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